Our Team

Stehleon Vineyards is a family run operation. Al Stehly is responsible for the culutral care and picking of all the grapes that go into the wines. Daughter Alysha Stehly handles all the winemaking and social media. Wife & Mom, Lisa Stehly handles everything in between.

Al StehlyOwner / Vineyard Manager

Al Stehly is a third generation Southern California farmer with an accounting degree from the University of San Diego. For over thirty years he has been managing avocado and citrus groves and expanded in to vineyard installation and management in 2005. Growing is his "thing" and he happily leaves the winemaking to his daughter, Alysha. 

Lisa StehlyCo-Owner

Despite lack of formal training in the wine industry, Lisa Stehly has been an active participant in Stehleon Vineyards since its inception. She is responsible for a variety of administrative tasks, tasting room duties and fills in wherever needed. Pruning, sorting, bottling, cleaning, editing, marketing and pouring - she's done it all. 

Alysha Stehly

Alysha has 10 years of winemaking experience and a degree in Viticulture & Enology from University of California, Davis. She and her husband, Chris Broomell, own Vesper Vineyards. When not in the cellar or lab she can be found hiking the vineyard with their son, Cole.